Jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and life sciences industries. Effective, Targeted and Focused is the Internetís leading recruitment portal for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical,  Medical Devices  and Life Sciences industries in Israel.

Our goal is to reduce the total cost per hire and reduce cycle time of life science and healthcare companies by providing them with the tools and resources they need to find experienced and qualified professionals. With these reductions eliminated from the process, companies can increase their ability to stay on the cutting edge with the latest technology that drives scientific advances, thereby bringing new products to market.

We provide job seekers with targeted and effective networking tools enabling them to advance their career, find new job opportunities, network with other professionals and find training courses in the life science and health care industries to keep up to date with industry trends, salary information and other invaluable tools to empower their career. is a privately held corporation started by Life Science professionals, Computer Programmers and Human Resource professionals who have all worked in various life science and healthcare companies in Israel.

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