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Mystery Shopper 

  4Service™ Group    All   14/5/2012 
Category: Marketing  
Education:   Position type: Part Time  Experience: No experiece 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Marketing, Sales  
4Service™ Group is recruiting Mystery Shoppers in israel.

As a Mystery Shopper, You will visit banks, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, car dealerships etc., to evaluate service quality posing as a real customer. Your task is to provide an objective and timely feedback on customer service in the businesses You have chosen to visit from the available selection. Having done an evaluation, You fill in a report through 4Service web system.

We pay for each evaluation according to a fixed fee shown to You in project description before You are assigned any visits. The usual range of pay is between €10 and €20, though some assignments pay as much as €100. The payment is done via bank transfer.

Mystery Shoppers work part-time on a flexible schedule. You’ll be able to choose assignments that most suit You in terms of time and location, and earn some extra income as well as help various companies improve service quality.

To get started, go to to learn more and register as a Mystery Shopper.

Should You have any questions, please send an enquiry to
ABOUT US: 4Service™, established in 2001, is one the most dynamic and innovative mystery shopping agencies in Europe. As of 2012, we operate through our own mystery shopper network of 90.000 mystery shoppers in the 33 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Turkey. To learn more, please visit  
• Between 18 and 65 y.o;
• Good computer skills and stable Internet access
• Honesty
• Responsible and disciplined person that can be relied upon
• A good eye for detail, to be able to notice important service facts
• A good memory, to be able to remember important service facts
• Role-playing ability flexibility, to play any evaluation scenario in a natural and easy way, just as a real customer would do
• English proficiency will improve Your chances to get the best assignments
• A good Mystery Shopper should take to heart the Mystery Shopping industry mission – help service companies improve the service quality they deliver to their customers  
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