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Pharmaceutical literature researcher 

  Thiolex Pharma    All   25/11/2015 
Category: Literature research  
Education: Doctorate   Position type: Temporary Employee  Experience: 1 year 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Formulation, Pharmacology  
Our company wishes to immediately engage two qualified scientists to summarize literature that is background to research that is underway in two distinct areas of development.

This relates to using methods that we will specify subsequent to your engagement. You will research and document the state of the art in internal memoranda. This will be reviewed by our patent attorneys in and disclose the prior art to our invention.

For one position, a thorough knowledge of water soluble polymers used in pharmaceutical manufacturing is required.

For the other position, a thorough knowledge of mTor in human biology and its role in various pathologies is required.

Knowledge of formulation is helpful.

At this stage, this assignment entirely involves literature search and no laboratory work.

You do not need to attend at our office to do the work.  
PhD is required.

Fluency in English scientific literature is required.

The core personal inventory of skills for these assignments are to:

* have a high capacity for work,
* know that you finish there will always be more to do,
* be acquisitive, curious, and innovative,
* be intellectually courageous
* demonstrate precision and discipline through your writing
* will produce work product in English

You will be engaged in an employment contract.

Either of these short-term employment positions may lead to a full time position.  
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