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Innovo Mimetics (IML) 
Industry Biotech
Description IML performs cancer research in a non-murine xenograft model for drug testing on patient derived cancer cells.

We employ a highly skilled team of dedicated scientists, to provide pre-clinical in vivo data to pharma and biotech cancer drug development companies.
No. of Employees 1-10
Company Type Employer

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Biologist for tumor xenograft cancer research 

  Innovo Mimetics (IML)    Jerusalem Area, Jerusalem   9/5/2017 
Category: Research staff  
Education: Masters   Position type: Full Time  Experience: No experiece 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Academic, Cell Culture, Immunology, Oncology  
To generate novel in vivo models for cancer immunotherapy research.
Candidate will apply their deep understanding of immunology in order to adapt the companyís existing in vivo cancer models.
The job is for a PhD Ė immunologist, with a passion for the lab and close teamwork.
Technical skills: cell culture, animal research, in vitro immunology assays.
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