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Lab manager / Research scientist 

  Technion Faculty of Medicine    North Area, Haifa   15/3/2017 
Category: Life Sciences  
Education: Doctorate   Position type: Full Time Employee  Experience:  
Area(s) of expertise desired: Academic, Biology, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Research  
The Lab of Genome Structure and Function is seeking an excellent lab manager or research scientist. Our lab, at the Technion Faculty of Medicine (within walking distance of Bat Galim train station), uses a combination of advanced computational and experimental methods to study the profound connection between genetic information and its physical organization.

Our goal is to decipher how the genome encodes its 3D organization, and how this organization mediates biological function.

For further information about the lab, see:

We are seeking an outstanding lab manager or research scientist with a PhD in molecular biology. Experience in genomics, sperm, mammalian cells or CRISPR is an advantage.
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