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Merkel Technologies Ltd 
Industry sales & servicing
Description Merkel Technologies Ltd are based near Tel Aviv, with extensive experience in sales & servicing of Research, Medical, Analytical & Diagnostic instrumentation.

We are experienced in installation, training, servicing & upgrading of complex instrumentation including optical alignment, application support, sample introduction systems including hydraulic, flow, pneumatic and motion controls - as well as complex computer based acquisition/analysis workstations & software. These include image analysis, cell identification based on fluorescent labelled antibodies - and many other disciplines.

We routinely sell & service equipment throughout the Israeli research market, including all universities and research institutes. We have a well established reputation, and long term relationships with all inter-disciplinary service units of research and academic institutes.

Amongst our other customers:
The Israeli biotechnology sector, including start-ups and established companies.
Pharmaceutical industries, production facilities.
Police and military forensic laboratories.
All Israeli hospitals including cytology, immunology. hematology & pathology laboratories.
Many analytical and QC laboratories, Oceanographic research institutes.
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