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Description Pharma Job - Placement
Pharma Job - The Bio-Medical College
Pharma Job - Consultants

Pharma Job - Placement

Pharma Job Placement is Israel's longest-established and leading company for academic professional appointments with first, second and third degrees in the Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering Professions, Biotechnology and Para-Medicine.

Pharma Job Placement serves and maintains close and long-term contacts with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical device development companies (start up and larger firms), research and academic institutes in Israel and Worldwide.

Placement Managers at Pharma Job have comprehensive skills and multi-disciplinary experience in such areas as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device.

Close and long-term connections enable placement managers to best understand client's needs and provide them with the most appropriate solutions and candidates.

Thousands of satisfied employees have found work through Pharma Job.
Hundreds of companies Have succeeded un recruiting and are still finding employees via Pharma Job.

Pharma Job Placement believes in professional Values, honesty, fairness, reliability, integrity, full discretion and these values are the basis of the company's past, present and future success.

Pharma Job - The Bio-Medical College

Who We Are:
The Bio-Medical College seeks to enrich and enhance know-how in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

The Bio-Medical College equips students with the most advanced and up-to-date know-how and tools enabling them to successfully integrate into the bio-medical industry.

On the following topics: *Clinical Research *ICH-GCP *Pharmaco-Kinetics *Pharmacy *Bio-statistics *Regulations for medication, biological products, cosmetics and medical device *Intellectual Property * Medical Information *Analytical Chemistry * Additional Courses according to Customer's Requirements.

First rank professional people from the bio-medical industry, academia, health authorities and the world's leading consultants in the sector.

Academics with first, second and third degrees in the Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Biotechnology and Para-Medicine.

The Bio-Medical College is committed to giving the highest quality courses.

Pharma Job - Consultants

Pharma Job Consultants is a world-class know-how center which provides consultancy services in clinical development and regulations for medicine, biological products, medical devices and combinational products - for start-up and mature companies.

Company Type Staffing firm
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