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  Carbon Group    All, Allison Park   16/2/2011 
Category: Life Sciences  
Education:   Position type: Full Time  Experience:  
Area(s) of expertise desired:  
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  MECO IND    All, new york   15/10/2007 
Category: Chemistry  
Education:   Position type: Full Time Employee  Experience:  
Area(s) of expertise desired: Administration  
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Mystery Shopper 

  4Service Group    All   14/5/2012 
Category: Marketing  
Education:   Position type: Part Time  Experience: No experiece 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Marketing, Sales  
4Service Group is recruiting Mystery Shoppers in israel.

As a Mystery Shopper, You will visit banks, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, car dealerships etc., to evaluate service quality posing as a real customer. Your task is to provide an objective and timely feedback on customer service in the businesses You have chosen to visit from the available selection. Having done an evaluation, You fill in a report through 4Service web system.

We pay for each evaluation according to a fixed fee shown to You in project description before You are assigned any visits. The usual range of pay is between 10 and 20, though some assignments pay as much as 100. The payment is done via bank transfer.

Mystery Shoppers work part-time on a flexible schedule. Youll be able to choose assignments that most suit You in terms of time and location, and earn some extra income as well as help various companies improve service quality.

To get started, go to to learn more and register as a Mystery Shopper.

Should You have any questions, please send an enquiry to
ABOUT US: 4Service, established in 2001, is one the most dynamic and innovative mystery shopping agencies in Europe. As of 2012, we operate through our own mystery shopper network of 90.000 mystery shoppers in the 33 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Turkey. To learn more, please visit  
Between 18 and 65 y.o;
Good computer skills and stable Internet access
Responsible and disciplined person that can be relied upon
A good eye for detail, to be able to notice important service facts
A good memory, to be able to remember important service facts
Role-playing ability flexibility, to play any evaluation scenario in a natural and easy way, just as a real customer would do
English proficiency will improve Your chances to get the best assignments
A good Mystery Shopper should take to heart the Mystery Shopping industry mission help service companies improve the service quality they deliver to their customers  
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Job Offer in UK 

  LSC & Construction Engineer Ltd    All   28/6/2013 
Category: Engineering, Chemistry, Clerical/Administrative, Pharmacy/Pharmacology  
Education: Masters   Position type: Part Time  Experience: 3 years 
Area(s) of expertise desired:  
Engineers, Foremen, Captain, Mate Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 2nd/3rd Officer, Deckhand, Steward, Chef, Seafarers , Crew Job Seekers , Chief Engineer , Doctors, Nurses, Laborers, Pharmacists, Dentists, Masons, Plumbers, Drivers, Heavy equipment operators, architects, Surveyors, Customer Care Representatives.  
Certificates required  
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Senior Director of Clinical Development 

  Verna scientific    All, mountain view, CA   19/1/2007 
Category: Life Sciences  
Education: Doctorate   Position type: Full Time Employee  Experience: 5 years 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology  
Responsible for all medical aspects, medical monitoring, meeting Regulatory Authority requirements, develops clinical protocols, publish, manages CRO staff, Drug Safety Service/Global Pharmacovigilance Department, Post Marketing Surveillance campaigns, interfacing with sites, vendors, investors, collaborators, customers, Regulatory Authorities and Board of Directors.

supervises biostatistical support, Clinical Program Managers (CPMs) & Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and other clinical staff.

Acts as safety monitor for all clinical programs.

Plans and builds fully integrated Drug Safety Service (Pharmacovigilance) for products marketed or co-marketed.

Responsible for oversight of all clinical safety reports and updates to all regulatory authorities and IRBs/IECs, as well as Annual IND updates, IB revisions, protocol (safety) amendmentsl, and input to ISS (ISEs) for NDAs.
Education: MD degree is required with Minimum 5 years of experience in clinical development and all aspect of clinical trials.  
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Statistician - Validation/Process 

  Verna scientific    All, Swiftwater   6/6/2007 
Category: perm  
Education: Masters   Position type: Full Time  Experience: 3 years 
Area(s) of expertise desired: GLP, GMP, Laboratory, Quality Control, Validation  
Responsible for providing statistical support for validation, qualification, and comparability experiments, as well as performing data analysis upon protocol execution. Will support QC in method trending and provide statistical support for laboratory investigations as needed.  
We are an equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V Education/Years Experience/Other Skills : MS in Statistics, Minimum 3-5 years related experience in GxP environment
Requires cGMP/cGLP training and strong writing skills along with excellent statistical, analytical and computer skills.
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Process Engineering Associate on a Contract basis. 

  Redwood Consulting Group, LLC    All, Richboro   28/4/2008 
Category: Biotechnology, Pharmaceiuticals  
Education:   Position type: Full Time Employee  Experience: 9 years 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Chemical Engineering  
The position requires representing clients in bio and pharmaceutical industry in their capital projects. This translates into preparation and review of typical project deliverables, coordination between major project disciplines, operations, process development, QA, EHS, vendors/suppliers. Firm knowledge of Pharmaceutical and Biotech processes from design and operability perspective is a must.  
Degreed Process Engineer with 8 to 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotech process design. Established knowlegde of biopharm project execution. Proven ability to generate and review process, mechanical, instrument and control deliverables. Good technical writing capability.  
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Statistical (SAS) Programmer 

  Verna scientific    All, Irvine   28/6/2007 
Category: Life Sciences  
Education:   Position type: Full Time  Experience:  
Area(s) of expertise desired: Biostatistics, GLP, GMP  
Urgent requirement for one of the our top client located in 'CA.

Position Description:

This position will provide statistical programming support under the direction of the senior staff for the creation, quality control, documentation and maintenances of analysis data set, tables, listings and graphs.  

Education or education/experience combination equivalent to a post graduate degree in Computer Science, Life Science, Statistics or Statistic related field. One (1) years of pharmaceutical clinical research experience with Masters degree or Masters equivalent, or two (2) years of pharmaceutical clinical experience with a Bachelors degree or Bachelors degree equivalent.
General knowledge of medical terminology and clinical trial methodologies
Working knowledge of Base SAS, SAS/STAT; SAS Macro language a plus
Good analytical and problem solving skills
Excellent English communication skills (verbal and written) as well as good interpersonal skills
Focused, well organized, detail-oriented
Works well under pressure, with initiative to take on unfamiliar tasks.
Works well in a team environment.


The most effective way of communication is via email please forward us your updated WORD FORMAT resume (Address, Contact number and email is must) Please mention your best hourly rate, availability and visa status. Any questions, do feel free to email us to  
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Clinical Project Manager 

  CRO    All, ISRAEL   8/8/2007 
Category: Clinical Research- Pharma-Biotech  
Education: Bachelors   Position type: Full Time Manager  Experience: 3 years 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Business Development, Clinical Research, Project Management  
To manage clinical studies
To ensure that studies are performed and completed in accordance with the pre-defined budget, timelines and quality specifications
To ensure that a safety reporting system is in place and that safety reports are provided to the Safety Department in a time manner
To ensure that studies are conducted in accordance with GCP requirements and relevant company SOPs
Main contact with Local Regualtory Authorities.  
Bachelor's degree in a health care or other scientific equivalent;
Experience working on clinical trials for at least 3 years;
In depth knowledge of applicable clinical research requirements;
Strong written and verbal communication skills including good command of English language;
Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
Excellent communication, organizational and problem-solving skills;
Effective mentoring, communication and training skills.  
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  Kristin Burrows investments    All, waterford   30/7/2007 
Category: Chemistry  
Education: Masters   Position type: Full Time Manager  Experience: 9 years 
Area(s) of expertise desired: Administration, Human Resources  
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